• The matches will be directed by the Technical Committee of Referees of the Catalan Football Federation.

  • If the organization decides, in agreement with the teams, to suspend the match due to weather reasons, one point will be awarded to each team, and if the match has to be suspended once the match has started, the result indicated on the scoreboard at that time.

  • Participation in the tournament involves the transfer of images of players from the participating team for the purpose of publishing them on official websites, magazines or other media without implying a right to remuneration or economic benefit in favor of the affected party. The transfer of these images includes all rights of reproduction, distribution and public communication of the recording during the event, match or activities.

  • There will be a professional and official photographer of the event.

  • A complete Bar Service will be offered within the facility.

PRELIMINARY PHASE: the teams will be divided into 10 groups of 4 teams, they will face each other in a single-day league for 40 minutes per game. Substitutions are free and must be made with the game stopped, with a maximum of 4 stops per game and team, without being able to take advantage of the opponent’s substitutions, and a maximum of 3 players per substitution may enter the field of play. Any substituted player may re-enter.


  • The first in the group go directly to the EIGHTH FINALS.
  • The second in the group will play a round of 32 in the knockout phase
  • The 2 best third parties will play a round of 32 in the knockout phase


  • The 8 remaining teams in third position will play a consolation phase of QUARTERFINAL – SEMIFINAL – FINAL


  • The 8 remaining teams in fourth position will play a consolation phase of QUARTERFINALS – SEMIFINAL – FINAL
  • The delegates of each team are responsible for their players in case of damage to the locker rooms, or other facilities or structures on the field.
  • Each team will have an assistant volunteer, who will help you in the development of the competition from arrival to completion. He will be in charge of solving all the logistical issues that you may need.
  • On the first day, all players must present their valid federation license and identify themselves with it, DNI, passport or other official document proving their age with a photograph and show it to the organization.
  • Each club is required to bring at least two numbered game kits. If the kits match, the team mentioned second on the calendar will be forced to change.
  • All foreign teams must have their players insured, both on and off the field, and they will have to carry a health card or any other private insurance.
  • The organization is not responsible for possible damages to participants, such as the loss of personal belongings (due to theft or any other circumstance) or injuries. Nor will it be responsible for the measures adopted by public authorities or transport companies, such as cancellations, delays, etc.
  • Admission for all family members is 15 euros per person for 3 days. This ticket will allow you to participate in a raffle for first division team shirts signed by the players, soccer boots, goalkeeper gloves, tracksuits, hams and many more surprises.


They will be played in a single match according to the cup system (direct elimination) and will be decided without extra time, by penalties. (3 penalties).

  • Match won: 3 points.
  • Tied match: 1 point.
  • Lost match: 0 points.


In case of a tie between two teams

  • o  Overall goal-average.
  • o  Number of goals scored.

In case of a tie between more than two teams*

  • or goal-average of the matches played between the teams involved.
  • or number of goals scored in the matches played between the teams involved.
  • or general goal-average.
  • or number of goals scored in the group’s overall classification.
  • or the team with the youngest player

* When the tie becomes between two teams, the two teams involved begin to break the tie according to the criterion of “In case of a tie between two teams.”

Individual awards:

  • o  Top scorer – MVP – Best Goalkeeper – Defense – Midfielder – Forward

The format of the tournament is FOOTBALL 11.

The tournament is for players born in 2011, but teams that are not in the first division can register a maximum of 3 players born in 2010. The only entire 2010 team will be CE Premia de Dalt, as it is the local team.

The minimum number of players registered per team is 18 players.