In case of a tie between two teams

  1. Overall goal-average.
  2. Number of goals scored.

In case of a tie between more than two teams*.

  1. Goal-average of the matches played between the teams involved.
  2. Number of goals scored in the matches played between the teams involved.
  3. Overall goal-average.
  4. Number of goals scored in the general classification of the group.
  5. The team with the youngest player

* In the event of a tie between two teams, the two teams involved will be tied according to the criterion “In case of a tie between two teams”.

  • The individual prizes to be awarded at the end of the tournament will be: Top scorer – MVP – Best Goalkeeper – Defense – Midfielder – Forward.
  • The format of the tournament is SOCCER 11.
  • The tournament is for players born in 2010, but the team can register a maximum of 3 players born in 2009. The only full second year team will be CE Premia de Dalt, as it is the home team.
  • The minimum number of players registered per team is 18 players.
  • The delegates of each team are responsible for their players in case of damage to the locker room, or other facilities or structures of the field.
  • Each team will have a volunteer assistant, who will help you in the development of the competition from arrival to completion. He will take care of all logistical matters that you may need.
  • All foreign teams must have their players insured, both on and off the field, and they must carry the health card or any other private insurance.
  • Both the Carnival Cup and the organization are not responsible for the possible damages of the participants, such as the loss of personal belongings (due to theft or any circumstance) or injuries. Neither will he be responsible for the measures adopted by the public authorities or transport companies, such as cancellations, vagrants, etc.